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Using Data to Make Decisions

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Using Data to Make Decisions

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Using Data to Make Decisions

Speaker: Dev Nambi, Data Scientist University of Washington

Summary: Even experienced data professionals have a hard time with big decisions. We dread the process of buying a car, looking for a new house, or choosing medical care. We read the news and listen to friends, but that doesn't stop the nagging sensation that we're missing something. How do you know you're asking the right questions? Data can make decisions easier and less stressful by removing those doubts. Join this fun, demo-filled session on how to use data to solve three real-world buying challenges: cars, houses, and health care. We will use precision questions, machine learning, and common tools such as Excel and T-SQL. You'll leave with practical tricks and techniques - as well as the confidence to use them - to make any choice easier using data.

About Dev: Dev Nambi is a data scientist and aspiring polymath. He uses curiosity, math, and code to solve problems. Dev currently works in the University of Washington's Enterprise Data & Analytics group.


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