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Data Quality: Boosting Software Performance and Business Profit

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Data Quality by David Moutray

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Data Quality: Boosting Software Performance and Business Profit

Speaker: David Moutray, Database Administrator Alere Wellbeing

Summary: If "Data is the Lifeblood of Modern Business," then most businesses are walking corpses with sludge in their veins, because 10% to 25% of all data records in the average enterprise are wrong. Until the dramatic problems of Data Quality Management are addressed, SQL can never fulfill its original promise to eliminate application "silos", enable systems to communicate and provide useful, actionable information to the modern business. I believe that we are on the cusp of a revolution in Data Quality that is even greater in scope and impact than the revolution in manufacturing quality that began over 40 years ago. Businesses that make the transition will survive and thrive. Those that don't will finally stop shambling about and lay down to die. What is this revolution in Data Quality? How can you be a part of it (and avoid the headman's ax)?!? This presentation will change the way you think about your jobs as Database Administrators and Application Developers.

About David: Database Administrator with five years experience in database design, business intelligence, application development, performance tuning and day-to-day administration with SQL Server. Experience covers administration of both transactional and data-warehouse databases, application development and database design for business applications. Certifications include MCITP Database Administrator and Developer. Passionate about database security and promoting data integrity through rock-solid database design and good development practices.


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